He Won't Text You Back - How to Play the Waiting Game

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So, you are falling hard for this totally fabulous guy and now he won't text you back. Should you just break your resolve and contact him now? Or would it be better to wait it out and let him come around to you? Just what is the proper etiquette anyway when it comes to texting a guy? It's quite ironic that in the day and age of text, email, voice mail, and the like, it is sometimes even harder to communicate with a guy. Don't worry, if you get annoyed and confused when you text a guy and he won't text you back. Just read on to find out what to do...

As annoying as his lack of communication must be to you, you don't want to fall into the trap of driving yourself mad over it. Learn how to play the waiting game in a way that enables you to keep your sanity and not come off looking like a crazy stalker to the guy. Here is how...

Exercise some self-control. Many women make the mistake of responding to a guy's lack of communication by doubling and tripling the amount of texts that they send to him. Guess what? If you send him one message that he doesn't answer, sending him twenty right afterwards is not helping your game.

He may have a legitimate reason for not texting you back right away. Perhaps he is at work and busy actually working. Or, he might be dealing with some other important situation that requires his undivided attention. Either way, when he finally does have the time to look at his phone, do you really want him to be bombarded by twenty desperate looking texts from you? That will just make you look insane and it might even drive him away.

Wait a decent amount of time for him to get back to you and in the meantime, do NOT send him any more messages. But what if he doesn't get your message? If you are tempted to think that he mysteriously failed to receive your message, so that means you should text him again, think again. If he really wanted to be in contact with you, he would contact you regardless, right?

So if it's been days or weeks and he hasn't called, you need to find the resolve to move on. If he won't text you back, he probably isn't that interested in you.

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He Won't Text You Back - How to Play the Waiting Game

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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