Mobile marketing via texting!

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Text messaging advertising is no more a new concept. Rather it is known to the world how effectively one can advertise using a mobile text messaging service. The explosion of mobile communication devices around the world made this happen and powered the not so popular concept for text coupons. This has created waves in the market and in a very short span of time captured a big market of advertising. It would be apt to say that mobile phones have surpassed all the previous inventions like PC and Internet in terms of their penetration and reach. It has a mass reach; everyone is carrying a mobile and thus is touched by this marketing method one or the other way. If you see the computer users, it would not cover even half the world population but if you see the mobile reach it would definitely be more than fifty percent of world population. That makes it a very powerful instrument for marketers and advertisers.

If you are an admirer of innovative ways and are in hunt of one such tool text messaging marketing is certainly a great option. If you are thinking that only small businesses are using this tool because of its cost effectiveness and mass reach then you are mistaken. As per the statistics, this medium is globally respected by many big corporations like Mc Donald’s, Dominos and many more. They have created great campaigns using this medium, so its strength is definitely known to the world now.

To make use of text messaging marketing service you simply need to register with a mobile phone service provider, who will give you permission to do bulk SMSs to your customers at nominal cost. Whether it is the free coupons for restaurants or theatre or to your favourite club in the city, all can be availed via Text coupons. Enjoy a great meal in a restaurant or a night life in an exotic club, with this text couponing system.

As far as the advertising of this text coupon, it is considered to be the simplest task in the world. Some marketers argue that text messaging marketing is more effective than bulk e-mailing, which is a hot topic of discussion. See, the fact is that SMS has its drawbacks of content length size; certainly this is a great limitation. But of course they are most easily readable as mobile is in reach. At the end we can say that both services have their pros and cons, but definitely text messaging marketing is a convenient way to reach out to the masses.

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Mobile marketing via texting!

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This article was published on 2011/10/13