Shortcodes are useful when promoting businesses through mass sms campaign

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Until recent past short codes were widely used by value adding services like Television program voting, ordering ringtones, charity donations and mobile services etc. As of now many organizations use short codes to promote their brand and increase the visibility of their brands. Short codes are normally 4 to 6 digit codes instead a full length mobile number. However there is a need to mention that every country separately governs the rules for short code service. Following example shows the difference between countries regulations on short codes.

Australia have a six to eight digits of short codes length starting with prefix 19 communication allience limited and WMC Global governs the premium and statndered rates for shortcodes. Canada have five to six digits shortcodes. Shortcodes starting from the digit 4 are reserved for private use and four digit short codes are not permitted due to hand sets incompatibility. In India many companies rent keywords on monthly basis and text sent to these short codes is often costly ranging from 0.10 to 5.00 INR. Ini UK shortcodes are mostly five digits of length starting from 6 or 8. Shortcodes starting from 7 are in use by charity organizations.

Mass sms campaign have more then one objectives like business promotion, Internal communication, External communication, Brand Building exercise, For surveys, For different TV contests and as a information channel. Success of Mass sms campaign relies on following factors-

Use of proper text in mass sms campaign.

Proper customer targeting by using text messaging software .

Ensuring high Pushed to response ratio.

Deciding the right time for the mass text messaging.

Over the capacity and accuracy of sms gateway and sms api.

Mass text messaging needs a software commonly known as  text messaging software. Text messaging software is used to push messages to large number of mobile holders from a desktop or laptop. Text messaging software can send hundreds of bulk sms at a time making the process of mass text messaging real fast. By using the text messaging software different customer niches can easily be targeted. Different types of text messaging software are readily available over the internet and can be purchase from the net itself. Working platform of such software is very easy and compatible with most of the operating systems like windows and Linux.  It may be true that there are many ways to promote business like Television, Radio and news paper but kind of flexibility mass sms provides can't be availed from any where else. Sms gateways are very economic as sending a sms using any sms gateway costs you only few cents. Text messaging software not only saves the time but saves over the cost also. Text messaging software can easily target any customer niche or any geographical area for example if a business provides business only in a particular geographical location then text messaging software can easily select mobile numbers of that particular geographic location from a given database.

Text messaging software can send your message to potential buyers and customers managing all the related data is the key while looking for a long term relationship from customers end. Selection of right text messaging software is equally important as only text messaging software ensures the right delivery at the right place. Be advised to purchase any text messaging software after carefully using the trial version of the same.

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mass text messaging is generally a web, desktop or email based application that allows you to access - and send messages. Sms shortcodes are applications or interfaces that enable you to send SMS messages from your desktop to one or many contacts. Use our service and save valuable time and money on your communications.

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Shortcodes are useful when promoting businesses through mass sms campaign

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This article was published on 2011/06/01