Text To Screen For Television: Don't Idle, Get Involved

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Don't we all feel the urge to react while watching a show or a game on television? Don't we like interacting with other viewers and share the feelings? What if we are allowed to express our opinion live i.e. while the show is on; and are able to know how the other viewers are reacting? Will it not be interesting?

Interactive television allows fans to text their thoughts.

This is exactly what the television channels are doing these days. 'Interactivity' is probably the best feature of modern day communication technology that makes it user friendly and interesting. So, television has taken a step ahead and embraced more viewer interactivity during its shows. Text to screen is one such technical tool that allows viewers to interact and respond to what is being telecasted.

Do not keep mum, shout out!

The next time you get glued to your television set to watch Manchester United and Real Madrid lock horns; you will be able to become a 'live' fan sitting in your drawing room and yell to support your team, albeit in a form of a text message. Watch the shout outs scroll by at the bottom of the screen. This is a text to screen feature. It has been effective in involving viewers and allowing their expressions to interact with other viewers. Text to screen feature can cater to the interactive hunger of the viewers that allows them to vent out their feelings, that too in real time.

These days, movie and music shows also allow such interactivity. Viewers can comment or submit their reviews while watching a program. Various interactive features like astrology, numerology, love quotient, etc are adding spice to otherwise mundane television shows.

Text to screen feature is also effectively applied in letting out viewer opinions about products and services. Viewers are freely exchanging their recommendations about various products. In short, text to screen for television is providing an interactive platform that can be simultaneously shared by as many as possible.

Going through the scissor

This freedom, offered by text to screen, could well be misused to serve personal interests. Viewers, who cannot comprehend the fine balance between the freedom of expression and emotional encroachment, may spoil the broth. Every mobile marketing company and television channel will have to be extra cautious and set up real time screening of text to speech messages.

A single ill intentioned message that goes onscreen may hurt someone's sentiments, cause adverse reactions and dent the reputation of the service that offers such a feature. At times it may lead to litigations.

To avoid such an innovative, interesting and interactive mobile marketing campaign from going into wrong hands, every message will have to pass the acceptance test. Television channels will have to get every text message screened by the station, then put on a show.

So, in order to attract viewers and retain them on a channel, television companies will have to incorporate interactive features like text to screen.
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Text To Screen For Television: Don't Idle, Get Involved

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This article was published on 2010/10/05