The Hidden Meaning When He Won't Text You Back

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What do you do when he won't text you back? Is he just busy, or is there another meaning to his lack of communication? When is it okay to text him again? Communication can be tricky and you don't want to overdo it. Read on to find out what you should do if he won't text you back.

Instant communication, in our busy world, is much like instant gratification. No longer do phone calls have to be prearranged, and no longer do we actually have to speak to one another to communicate with one another. Texting the guy you like can sometimes be the fastest way to establish contact with him, and also it allows a certain level of confidentiality and anonymity. Super flirty messages can be conveyed discretely via text, that spoken aloud would be way too personal for business hours. But not all guys are into texting, for some, it could actually be a turn off.

You've gone on a date, the date went well, and the next day you decide to text Mr. Wonderful to tell him what a great time you had and that you're looking forward to seeing him again. This seems reasonable, but depending on your guy's texting habits, it might not be. Here's some texting protocol to follow when your flirty messages go unreturned.

With texting, just as with phone calls, multiple messages only send one message, and that is desperation. Do not bombard him with messages. Leave one and wait, and while you are waiting, get on with life. Multiple messages could annoy him, especially if the reason he hasn't returned your message is because he is busy with work.

Do not walk around with your cell phone in your hand, certain that if it for one second goes into your pocket or your bag you will miss the golden window of opportunity for him to call or text you. Don't be that girl, the one who flips her phone open or glances at the screen every 2.75 seconds to see if he's contacted her yet. Be the girl who drops her phone into her purse and enjoys her day.

Finally, use a little strategy. When he texts you back, don't respond immediately. Let him wait. Let him sweat just a little bit, like you did all day long. This says you are busy and important, too. You are not waiting for him. You are not desperate for him. If he won't text you back, you might feel hurt and it's hard to resist the impulse to fire off another rapid fire text to him, but it's worth the wait.

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The Hidden Meaning When He Won't Text You Back

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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